Self-guided Food Tour – Frankfurt


Do you want to try all of the Frankfurt specialities and get to know the history behind them? Do you like organizing the time on your trip by yourself? Are you visiting Frankfurt for a short period of time and you don’t want to go through over 1000 restaurant reviews on Google or Trip Advisor?

If yes, this self-guided food tour has been prepared for you!

Last update: 30.08.2019

Only the locals know that every restaurant has its signature dishes and those can be only found with the help of somebody who has been living here for generations.  If you want to have authentic dishes, that locals would swear could have been made by their grandmother, this is the guide for you.



Self-Guided Food Tour Frankfurt for 1 or 2 people (11 specialities)

With this food tour Frankfurt, you will experience eight traditional dishes, two traditional drinks, plus a pastry and cake.  All of these places are within the city of Frankfurt and are walkable or easily reachable by public transport.  The tour will take one and a half days if you want to try all the dishes.

The tour is available as a PDF and contains maps, photos of the restaurants, pictures of the food, as well as the opening hours and contact information for each restaurant.  While booking a table is in most cases unnecessary, for your peace of mind, we recommend it.

The price of the food and drinks we’ve recommended on this tour is 77€.  All additional beverages and tips (usually 10% of the bill) are not included in this price.

If you are interested in Guided Food Tour in Frankfurt, please visit Dinner Food Tour Frankfurt. For more information about food in Frankfurt go to our Cooking the World YouTube Channel.


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